Indiana 11'6 Touring LTD

Gonflable: Rando, Découverte


The jaguar mask is for the 11’6. It brings the strength of the animals. With this one under your feet you will have enough power to reach any destination.

The pointed and flat shape of the 11’6 Touring LTD is sporty and stable due to the 30 inch width. The Double PVC Belt and the Fiberglass pressure belt promise great performance on longer tours. The board has the woven pre-laminated double layer dropstitch material, which makes the board very light. The special tear-off edge under the tail ensures even more speed. The fiberglass foot bases in the stand area provide a hardboard feeling.

Super Cool! Fiberglass Foot Bases, Tear-Off-Edge, Split Fin Box, 8.5 ’’ Hyperflow Carbon Race Fin, Wheelie Bag + Paddle Connecting System, ¼ Inch Cam Connector.

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70-100 kg
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